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Good afternoon, Im going start this post by apologizing my delay on posting stuff here, I had to deal with some personal issues and school doesnt help either. Anyway some days ago I went shopping and I bought some cute stuff, most of them were on sale except the last one, so shall we start?

I was needing a little black bag and I found this beautiful bag on Accessorize, eventhough it is not the type of purse I usually wear, I still find it gorgeous. the bag cost 15€ with a 50% discount.

I also bought this super original and cute bag on Accessorize. It was the last one in that store but they also had a robot, a soda can and a rocket. The Robot was adorable but I prefered this one. The bag cost the same as the other;

velvet, velvet, velvet. I'm in love with velvet and this beshka top is really classy and perfect for a night out. The top has opening in the back (as you can see in the picture) and also has a 3/4 sleeve. It cost 9.99€ with the discount;

This sweatshirt is probably my favourite item from all the things I bought, unfortunately they only had a size L left, but no worries it actually doesnt look that large when I'm wearing it. This adorable sweat is from Pull and Bear and cost 15,99€ with the (almost non existent) discount;

This one is a really ordinary sweat but I find it pretty, but I think I would like it more If it was a bit cropped. It is also from Pull and Bear and it cost 9,99€;

okey this ones I cant remember how much they cost, but it was probaly 10€ or something like that because Claire's was doing those buy 3 and 1 is free kind of sales. The ring is the only that it isnt from Claire's. I bought it on Lanidor for 6,45€ with a 50% discount;

Finally the last item, a pink bomber jacket. I can tell that these type of jackets are going to be a trend this spring and I loved the color so much that I had to buy it right away, they also have more colors so If pink isnt your thing you can always buy a black or blue one. I bought this lovely jacket in Stradivarius for 25,95€ (it is from the new collection).

I hope you liked all the clothes that I bought, and Im sorry If you cant find a particular item, since sales are almost over some of these clothes may not be available anymore. Have a nice week x

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